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Self-Service Devices

Self-service devices allow for quick shopping and transaction handling, increasing sales efficiency.


The self-service checkout stand enables customers to independently scan their purchases and issue VAT invoices, allowing them to pay for goods without the need for a cashier.


The Netris self-service checkout stand. A self-checkout system that adapts to your business.

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks are devices that can be used in various retail areas. They also serve a promotional function thanks to a large 32″ monitor that can display the full offer and advertisement.

Bottle Recycling Machine

Recyklobox by D&K Technology. An innovative device that helps us care for the future of our planet through waste sorting.

Foodbox Store

FoodBox Store is a solution that allows for convenient ordering from restaurants via an app. A vending option is also available.


An innovative self-service device for storing and ordering food products.

Main Box

Main Box is a groundbreaking solution that combines online shopping with traditional shopping, completely eliminating the problem of waiting in line.

Invoice Station

Invoice Station is a self-service device for issuing VAT invoices without the need for store staff.

Candle Vending Machine

Candle Vending Machine is a vending machine of our proprietary design. This self-service vending device enables the quick and easy purchase of candles or inserts for candles.