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The most secure self-service checkout, designed with the most demanding users in mind.

Surveillance Camera

Type: Internec i7-C54221-IR, Resolution: 2.1Mpx (1920×1080 px; 25 fps)

Status Indicator Light

Indicates the status of the checkout through color coding.

Basket Shelf

An additional counter space for shopping baskets, bags, etc.

Touchscreen Monitor

15′ capacitive touch screen, resolution: 1024×768 px

Fiscal Printer
Safety Scale

Dibal Scale, DMI610 meter, two types of platforms 382X583mm and 513×583mm


Dibal KS400 Scale, 1D/2D Magellan 9300 barcode scanner with sapphire glass

Handheld Scanner

1D/2D Zebra DS2208 barcode scanner

Checkout Illumination

The optimal solution
for your store.


Here are some key features that make our SmartPos checkout exceptionally attractive:

  • Barcode Scanners: Handheld and integrated barcode scanners
  • Check Weighing: Equipped with a built-in check weighing scale
  • Electronic Payment: Secure card payments, contactless transactions, and digital wallet options
  • Anti-Theft System: Fitted with an advanced anti-theft system, including weight sensors and surveillance cameras.
  • Multilingual Interface: User interface available in multiple languages.

Benefits of SmartPos:

We invite you to discover the revolutionary device that will make shopping a true pleasure.

The SmartPos self-service checkout is an innovative solution that allows customers to make purchases and payments without the need for cashier interaction.

This makes the customer service process in retail stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and many other points of sale faster and more autonomous.