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The self-service checkout for food and non-food stores that easily adapts to your needs thanks to its modular design and multiple mounting options.

Touch screen monitor

15″ P-cap touch screen monitor, IPS, 1024×768 px

Built-in scanner

Built-in scanner: Datalogic 3410Vsi

Handheld scanner

Handheld scanner: Datalogic QD2430

Fiscal printer

Fiscal printer NOVITUS HDII Online


Dibal D-POS scale (optional)


Status Indicator Light

A self-service checkout that conforms to your business

Benefits of Netris

  • Place your checkout in the optimal spot to ergonomically organize your store space.
  • Freely mix between countertop, hanging, or freestanding designs.
  • Tailor the variant to the range of products you offer, choose an advanced integrated scale and other accessories.
  • Personalize the color palette and appreciate elements made of stainless steel, easy to maintain and keep in pristine condition.
  • Offer customers a wide range of modern payment options with an integrated payment terminal.
  • Take advantage of the advanced sales application features and management system.

NETRIS Checkout Base Configuration

  1. 15″ P-cap touch screen monitor, IPS, 1024×768 px
  2. Industrial computer i3, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 IoT
  3. Built-in scanner: Datalogic 3410Vsi
  4. Handheld scanner: Datalogic QD2430
  5. Fiscal printer NOVITUS HDII Online
  6. Dibal D-POS scale (optional)
  7. Status Indicator Light