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The FoodBox refrigerated lockers are an excellent solution for vending machines and order pick-up systems.

Heated or cooled compartments

The lockers are equipped with a temperature control system that is ideal for storing fresh food products or hot dishes.

Vending operation screen

Select a compartment, pay at the terminal, and pick up your ready products.


The FoodBox device only requires a 240 V power connection with a 15 A circuit breaker.

Security measures

Compartments open automatically after payment is made or through a dedicated application.


Customize the number of compartments, their temperature, and size to your own preferences.

Storage and ordering of food products

Two options:

Thanks to the FoodBox refrigerated lockers, you can create an efficient vending system or order pick-up solution.

VENDING: The device includes a built-in terminal, offering a Pay And Take option – this means that meals or products available immediately on-site can be picked up from the compartments. In this mode, it functions as a vending machine, where a meal inside can be retrieved at any time.

APP: The lockers are equipped with a system that opens via a dedicated mobile app. After pre-paying for the order in the app, the customer can unlock the locker and collect their order.

What benefits does FoodBox offer:

FoodBox is an innovative solution that makes ordering and collecting products easier. Our dedicated app is intuitive and user-friendly, enabling customers to easily interact with our devices.

For suppliers, our app provides a convenient space to place and stock vending items. This allows them to efficiently manage their offerings and monitor customer orders. The process is streamlined and efficient, which leads to increased sales.