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The MainBox is a device that enables easy and convenient retrieval of pre-ordered products.

Dry Lockers

Designed for storing food items that do not require cooling or freezing, such as bread, snacks, or jars.

Cooling Lockers

Maintain a low temperature, perfect for storing frozen items like ice cream, frozen goods, or meats.

Chilling Lockers

Provide an optimal temperature for storing fresh products, such as milk, yogurts, or beverages.


The MainBox is easy to install, requiring only a 240 V power connection with a 15 A fuse.


Customers can place orders online or through a mobile app, and then collect their orders from the appropriate locker in MainBox.

Outdoor Installation

The lockers are designed for outdoor installation, offering convenience and security for your customers.

Convenient ordering and collection of purchases in MainBox.

How does MainBox work?

The MainBox is equipped with a cooling system that maintains the appropriate temperature for food products. The device has a modular design, which allows for optimal use of the space allocated for the project. The number and size of lockers, as well as the entire device, are tailored to the needs of the client. Our product can be mounted both outside and inside the store, it is equipped with a safe, monitored closing system, and thanks to the use of a low-voltage installation, it is environmentally friendly and safe to operate.

Operating the MainBox is based on three simple steps:

  • STEP 1 – the client creates an account on “” and downloads the app, which allows for tracking purchases
  • STEP 2 – the client makes purchases using the app and pays for the goods
  • STEP 3 – the client receives order confirmation and the locker number from which they can collect their purchases