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A bottle recycling machine that meets the latest recycling standards, adapting to legal changes.

32” monitor

A large monitor that can serve as free advertising space.

Service Monitor

A 10-inch touchscreen monitor for convenient device operation.


Ability to customize the device’s appearance to match your company’s color scheme.


A bottle insertion slot with an internal barcode scanner.

Thermal Printer

A thermal printer for printing coupons.


A camera positioned on top of the device.

Adapt to legal changes and care for the future

Benefits of Recyklobox:

Recyclobox – an intelligent bottle recycling machine that not only cares for our environment but also meets the latest recycling standards, adapting to legal changes. This compact device is equipped with a fully automated system that makes using it extremely simple and convenient.

“How does it work? Just place the empty bottles into the designated slot on the machine.
Advanced sensors within the Recyclobox identify the bottle’s barcode and initiate the recycling process.
It automatically sorts the bottles, ensuring that each material is sent to the right place.”

What are the benefits of Recyklobox:

For each bottle returned, a discount coupon of varying value or promotional offers is generated. You can save on shopping, discover new products, or use the services of our partners.

“Recyclobox is not just a bottle recycling machine – it’s a modern device that motivates greater ecological activity. By collaborating with us, you not only protect our environment but also benefit from an innovative rewards system.
Join the ecological movement and start using Recyclobox today. Together, we can achieve more for our planet.”