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Lime Line

Our groundbreaking model among existing cash booths stands out with an original design highlighted by an innovative leg shape and aluminum finish.

Premium Checkout Counters

Premium checkout counters are designed with a flat, extended connector, beveled leg and acid-resistant sheet metal finish.

Modular Checkout Counters

They are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to add a self-service module. Thanks to this function, it is possible to easily replace the modules, which allows you to adapt the configuration of checkout boxes to individual needs.

Standard PLUS Checkout Counters

The Standard PLUS cash desk combines modern design with functionality, thanks to its beveled legs, rounded top edges, and unique perforation on the connector.

Standard Checkout Counters

Standard Checkout Counters are characterized by rounded connectors, perforated openings, and a narrow bumper strip.

MINI Cashier Desks

Mini Cashier Desks are an excellent solution for cash register stands in small retail spaces.

Convenience Checkouts

Created for small spaces, it is distinguished by its distinctive positioning of the belt and the storage chamber.

Cash Desk Top

Perfect for built-in applications where a conveyor belt is to be placed.

Sales Counter

A distinctive feature of its appearance is the built-in impulse shelves for displaying merchandise.

Checkout accessories