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Discover our innovative self-service kiosks, the perfect solution for various retail environments.

32″ Touch Screen

The touch screen is used to operate the device and display advertisements and banners.

Thermal Printer
Space for your brand logo
Payment Terminal

Enables direct on-device payment processing.

A multifunctional solution in retail spaces.

Example applications:


  • The kiosk allows for independent shopping and payment, leading to increased and faster service.
  • Enables ordering of products not available in-store.
  • Displays ads and promotions when the device is not in use.


  • Increases the average transaction value.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Speeds up service and allows customers to place orders independently.
  • Additional advertising space.


  • Supports front desk operations – can be used for self-check-in and check-out, even outside of normal working hours.
  • Guests can pay for their stay and additional services enjoyed during their visit.
  • Customers can book extra hotel amenities such as SPA, swimming pool, massages.

Self-Service Kiosk


  • Enables independent purchase of memberships or single-entry passes.
  • Allows for selling memberships outside of reception hours.
  • Increased number of customers served during busy hours.


  • Self-service ticket purchasing.
  • Option to order snacks.


  • Facilitates booking doctor’s appointments.
  • Allows patients to indicate their arrival.
  • Patients can also make payments for completed visits at the kiosk.