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The Invoice Station is a self-service device that issues VAT invoices without the involvement of store staff.

Touchscreen Monitor

A 24″ monitor for operating the device.

Thermal Printer

A printer for printing out the invoice.

Receipt collector



Electrical and network outlets.


Customize the visual appearance of the device to your own preferences.

A self-service device that issues a VAT invoice without the need for store staff

Benefits of the Invoice Station:

Customers independently issue VAT invoices using intuitive and user-friendly software. The program suggests the next steps, making the process smooth. There is the option to correct the document or cancel the entire operation before it is finalized.

Why choose the Invoice Station?
The Invoice Station has become a fundamental piece of equipment in large retail stores. It allows for the elimination of human error by automating the process, thereby enhancing the quality of the Customer’s experience during their visit to our store.

How the Invoice Station works:

  • Each receipt has a barcode number for its identification. The Invoice Station screen displays a list of items from the receipt.
  • Users select from the list the products for which they want to receive a VAT invoice. Products that are not to be included on the invoice will be printed on a separate document as a non-fiscal confirmation of the receipt.
  • Then, the customer enters their details. The device checks whether the user has filled in all the required data, whether it is correct, and whether a VAT invoice has already been issued for that receipt number. If the verification is successful, the receipt is retained in the device, and the customer receives a VAT invoice.
  • The Invoice Station is connected to the sales program database via a LAN network. The Invoice Station software is integrally connected to it during implementation.