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The Candle Vending Machine is a vending solution for purchasing candles and insert for candles for use at cemeteries.

Coin Slot

A coin of the correct denomination is placed into the slot. Then, a simple hand motion triggers the mechanism, which rotates the shelf with the selected product to the retrieval position.

Retrieval Windows

In the window, a compartment with the candle or insert for candles appears.

No Power Required

This device is completely mechanical and operates without electricity, making its use exceptionally easy.

Construction Material

Its construction and the materials used allow for year-round operation regardless of weather conditions.

Purchasing a candle or an insert for candles is quick and easy.

Candle Vending Machine

The offer is aimed at cemetery owners, municipal offices, parishes, candle manufacturers, funeral companies, and individual customers.

Investing in a modern vending machine for candles and inserts for candles is a proven investment. The owner of the machine receives a tool that provides a steady income with minimal time and effort.

This form of sales can be an additional source of income or become a full-fledged venture (building a sales network). The one-time cost of purchasing the candle vending machine is relatively quick to recoup, after which the machine provides pure profit for many years.

How the Candle Vending Machine Works:

  • A coin of the correct denomination is inserted into the slot.
  • A proper hand movement activates the mechanism, which turns the tray with the selected product to the appropriate position.
  • A compartment with a candle or refill appears in the window. After the product is removed, it remains empty.
  • Inserting a coin again repeats the action of rotating the tray with the merchandise.
  • If the machine runs out of products, a lock is activated, preventing any further coins from being inserted.

Additional Information:

  • we are the manufacturer, not a distributor;
  • as the manufacturer, we provide technical support;
  • as the manufacturer, we supply all parts and components necessary for any repairs;
  • the candle vending machine offers various configuration options (types and quantities of products sold);
  • the machine operates without electricity, which significantly increases the number of its potential locations and product distribution points (no need for constant power supply);
  • the material used is weather-resistant (stainless steel);
  • high-quality construction elements are covered by a warranty;
  • long service life due to low malfunction rate;
  • simple self-service sales system (coins);
  • additional operating instructions placed on the device;
  • the option to choose any supplier for the product assortment.