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Customized inscriptions on containers.


Made of 0.6 mm sheet metal, powder-coated according to the RAL color palette.

Lockable modules

Single-point cylindrical lock.

Connectable modules

Ability to connect with additional modular containers.

Waste drop-in opening

Waste holes with specified colors.

Efficient waste management.

Waste bins

Thanks to a smart modular partitioning system, these containers allow for the segregation of waste into categories such as glass, paper, plastic, organic waste, and many more. Each container is appropriately labeled, making it easier for users to sort correctly and minimize the environmental impact.

Sturdy construction

  • 1-point cylindrical lock
  • 50mm range adjustable swivel foot – 4 pcs.
  • Powder-coated, RAL palette color selection
  • Bag locking mechanism
  • Capability to connect with additional modular containers
  • Personalized inscriptions on containers