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Metal IT cabinets are characterized by high mechanical and thermal resistance.

IT Cabinets

Reliable protection for your computer equipment.

IT Cabinets

Metal IT cabinets are characterized by high mechanical and thermal resistance.

Recommended wherever computers are exposed to direct damage (warehouses, production halls, workshops, stores, control stations, etc.).

The construction of the cabinets effectively protects against contamination and maximally secures the devices inside from mechanical damage, as well as from external conditions such as dust, excessively high temperatures, increased humidity, and electromagnetic interference.

Computer Cabinets

Computer cabinets are also characterized by high resistance to various chemical substances. A lock can provide additional protection, safeguarding IT equipment from third-party interference or even theft. An undoubted advantage of this type of solution is also the internal configuration of the cabinets.

Additional accessories such as adjustable or pull-out shelves, drawers of various depths, or doors with plexiglass inlays contribute to optimal functionality and ergonomics.

Upon client request, the cabinets can also be equipped with electrical hardware or a fan to cool the interior.

Rack Cabinets, IT Cabinets, Server Cabinets

RACK cabinets, also known as IT cabinets or server cabinets, serve to consolidate various separate components of IT infrastructure into a single unit. They are used in computer server rooms where they allow for the spatial organization of the IT devices operating within. Additionally, they are utilized in fields like telecommunication and energy. Their construction and properties, much like those of computer cabinets, enable their use in industrial spaces.