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Designed for efficient organization, they offer functionality and convenience in storing documents.


Szafki wykonane z wytrzymałego metalu, gwarantują trwałość i długotrwałe użytkowanie.

Unique Perforation

The cabinets feature a pattern of holes that not only create a unique look but also provide proper ventilation for the interior.


Each cabinet contains a rod with 2 hooks, a shelf, and 2 metal hooks on the side panel.


Single-point locking with two keys.

Secure storage of documents.

Filing cabinets

Metal filing cabinets are the perfect solution for storing documents in offices and workplaces.

Constructed from solid metal, they offer high durability and resilience. Thanks to an ergonomic design, these filing cabinets allow for easy access to stored documents, ensuring that the necessary information can be found with ease.

With a variety of sizes and configurations, they can easily be tailored to individual needs and office space.