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Standard Booths are characterized by rounded connectors, perforated openings, and a narrow bumper strip.

Unique Perforation
Checkout gate
Space for Baskets and Shopping Bags

Customized to meet customer needs.

Resting Chamber

Checkout boxes are available with either a wide or narrow packing bay of various lengths.

Conveyor Belt

An optimally selected length of the conveyor belt effectively separates the purchases of individual customers.

Standard checkout counters can be freely configured to suit your needs.

Standard Checkout Counters

Standard checkout counters are customizable and produced with a conveyor belt ranging from 650 mm to 2400 mm in length. The optimally chosen belt length efficiently separates the purchases of different customers. For spaces that are limited in size, we also manufacture versions without the conveyor belt.

As the checkout process continues, the scanned items accumulate in a holding area for further packing. Our checkout counters are available with either a wide or narrow holding area in various lengths. The narrow compartment option can be effectively used to set up counters in a TANDEM or TWIN configuration, organizing dual-staff workstations.


  • Choice of belt length from 650-2900 mm
  • Stainless steel finish with an orange peel texture
  • Powdercoated, available in any RAL palette color
  • Protective bumper strip made of soft PVC
  • Space for baskets and shopping bags under the belt, accessible from the customer or cashier side
  • Monitor frame with plexiglass cover
  • PIN PAD holder
  • Single or double cashier’s countertop
  • Holes for IT devices (scanner, flip top cash drawer) or hole plugs
  • “Next customer” dividers
  • Cable gland with a diameter of 49/60 mm, equipped with a set of 3 sockets 220V for connecting IT equipment
  • Panel and foot switch for belt control, and an emergency stop button
  • 220V/50Hz roller motor, 0.16m/s, manually or photocell switched off (for the version with the belt)