D&K Technology
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We guarantee a comprehensive offer of retail space supplies. We deliver not only checkout desks but also store accessories including high-end computer equipment.

Social facility furniture

Minding security of the documents, equipment and personal belongings we offer a wide selection of metal furniture. We are capable of manufacturing any other kind of furniture according to an individual request.

Workshop furniture

Professionally designed and manufactured from highest quality materials our workshop furniture is a foundation of a functional and well-organised and modern workplace.


Containers manufactured by our company are adopted to various types of high volume loads. Strong construction made of steel tinware and the use of anti corrosion paints guarantee long lifetime.

Street furniture

Classic constructions of street furniture serve as canopies protecting from rain and wind, and other adverse weather conditions. Professionally designed and manufactured from highest quality materials.


Our products improve transporting and storage of goods in a company. They add to enhancing the effectiveness of work and easier management of the chain of supplies.